Annual Leave: The Confusion by Luthando Mbali

In terms of section 20 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act An employee is entitled to 21 consecutive days of annual leave on full pay in every leave cycle, this means a period of 12 months commencing from the first day of employment or commencing from the end of the previous leave cycle therefore whatever number of normal […]

Big fines, even jail time looming over Commercial Property Owners who do not have Energy Performance Certificates by 7 December 2025 – By Luthando Mbali

Energy certificate rating

South Africa is going green and gearing towards monitoring energy consumption by knowing the actual energy consumption. This has paved the way for Energy Performance Certificates which are now mandatory for private commercial property owners. Commercial property owners have no choice but to either obtain their Energy Performance certificates (EPC) if they are non-compliant by […]

Cyber Security. Are our businesses safe? by Luthando Mbali

Since everything is moving toward computer generated systems, the only way to protect these systems is to invest in a state of the art cyber security. Cyber security is protecting yourself and others from attacks that are mainly carried out with computers. Cyber security is also information security because most computer attacks are attacks on […]